Sunday, May 24, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Okay, back to starting off with my favorite subject green cars. I was watching Jay Leno earlier in the week when Jay mentioned the new Aperta car. I have always liked clicking around his site anyway so I thought I would take a look at it. This is an extremely interesting car, looks like the future to me; even if it does not fly I sure would like one. The link goes directly to the video on the car, short commercial 30 sec. but worth the wait.
2) I think it was Troll that got me started on this, usually I would say thank you, and this time I am not so sure. Warning if you are a half hour either side of eating dinner, you might want to wait before opening the page, photos are not exactly easy on the eye. This is the official site of the Montauk Monster, these keep popping up in the news, from Texas to Long Island New York. I have not settled on an opinion yet, but if Big Foot, Yeti, Nessy, etc. why not. Seems to be more proof on this than those. Anyway, an interesting read, albeit with some mighty ugly pictures.
3) The fields of science, religion, and metaphysics seem to be blending more and more these days. Science seems to come closer and closer to answering the question, though I still think it is the understanding of what the question is that more precisely defines the quest. This is a link to an article in Discovery Magazine with the title, “Is Quantum Mechanics Controlling Your Thoughts?” Quite an interesting article gets into some rather interesting areas. Some of the things going on these days are just stunning, I am so happy to have the opportunity to live in this time of enlightenment.
4) I am sorry if I am getting in a little deep this week when it comes to the big questions, but when I found this I just had to pass it on. The concept of human consciousness has been one of my biggest interests as long as I can remember. The knowledge that every atom in my body has been replaced many, many times over my life time without any notice of the process in my conscious thought, just makes me want to know where in/or out of the body does my awareness of self reside. This has to be the most extensive site on the net for perusing this subject over five thousand free on line papers, not pages full papers. Fantastic if you are into learning about who you really are check this out
5) Geek link for the week, Google is switching to tricycles for their street view mapping. In some areas that are just not right for the vans, if it was not human powered, I could see myself enjoying this job. Just touring around the countryside in the open air, this would have to be on the coolest job list.

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