Sunday, May 31, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Okay this seems just a little weird, even to me. Link one from the Gregg Zone if I can find one is usually green, and a car, or power source. So this week I start off with a Hummer? Oh no Mr. Bill, well it is a 100 mpg electric hybrid hummer. When I first saw this I looked at several links that kind of put it down, but I thought where there is smoke and all. This is a possible keeper, I need to keep an eye on this company, when you go to the link be sure to watch the video, I was impressed with the potential of their product. After all I do not care if you want to drive a motor home to the 7-11 to buy beer, if it gets 100 mpg that’s okay with me.
2) Another green car link, well maybe not so green but defiantly different Seems the Termite has landed. This is about a wood burning car the article I found is here this caught my curiosity because I remember quite a while ago the news following a wood burning car cross country, but they were pulling a trailer and using a chemical reaction to create the wood gas. I have been trying to find something on that for quite a while now. If you have any info please contact me. This is the termite main page about their journey
3) This is for the news junkies, of which I am one I just found this, and I kind of like the format. Called a News Map you just move your cursor around for the headline, click on it and it will take you to the story, want to change the map just click on the subject links at the bottom. This is really just a different format for looking at the news but I have to admit I like it.
4) This is one sent to me from Troll, I am afraid I do not have much to say about it now, as I keep checking it out after dark, and looking at a black box. Due to the timing of the show I am sure I will be looking at it during my segment. I will offer more on it then. It is a Bald Eagle web cam, comments coming tomorrow.
5) Okay this is about as geeky as I get, I am not sure I am ready for this, I may request the planet stop and let me off. It is common knowledge how I feel about cell phones, and GPS they are in the same folder labeled save for next reincarnation not this time around. Now I read about cell phone enhanced reality, I am sorry when life turns into a museum tour complete with head phones telling me what I am looking at, well it is just too much. But, because this is just me doing what I do for your enjoyment, if you have not seen this check it out. Point your phone at an object, and get a history and total run down on it,

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