Sunday, June 07, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting off here I just had to wonder if what I was reading here was not written in early April, because it sure seemed like a joke to me. Countries are considering giving carbon credits for nuclear power. At the up coming summit in Copenhagen, the idea being to leverage the cost of construction down by 50%, making it easier to build them in the third world. If you read the article, and want more input, the comments are very informative. Seems to me to it would still be much more cost effective going with solar, wind, and tide.
2) Time to bring up something a little more center zone. I found this fascinating especially when you fully consider the implications that may be derived from this research. This is about an extremely rare phenomena. A woman has generated an imaginary limb that she can see, and even scratch an itch with it. They have proven both sensation, movement, and visual activity perceived in her brain scans, in the correct and corresponding locations, and at the correct intensity.
3) This was sent to me by Joe a couple of weeks ago. It appears that agriculture is starting to get turned over to robots, seems like crossing one of those scary lines on the side walk to me. But, then how did Huxley put it “It’s a Brave New World.”. Sorry I just seem to be having a case of generation lag lately. It seems a logical path to follow. But, let me predict some troubled battles politically.
4) Joe asked me to look into the new search engine “Bing” a new soldier in the search engine war. They are trying to slice up a pretty big pie, so I am sure they at Microsoft are giving it their best effort. I wish them well hope we can get some relief. It is getting so cluttered searching. I tried several subject searches, trying to stay with subjects I often look for. I counted how many sites on the first page I recognized; there was a fairly large difference. On the Google search I recognized most of the sites, as having been there. On Bing same wording I only recognized a few sites as having been there. I think in the beginning using both may be use the best way to go. Review article here
5) Along the same line as the last link, I ran across this one a couple of weeks ago, my sister told me about it so I looked it up. When it comes to search engine news and, advancements that look interesting to me, this takes it. Looking for possible Google killers, if this can perform as described in the article, then this looks to me to be Google’s main nemesis. This sounds like a format that would be most friendly to me.

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