Sunday, June 14, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Going to start the week off with this an article sent to me a while back. Reminded me of the “Back to the Future” movie when he stuffed the banana peels into the car engine. I very much like the idea of using trash directly to power a car. Soon we may have our own private energy converter to run something, the car, refrigerator, or maybe just a few lights.
2) This is one of those things I kept wondering how long it would be before they became popular again. Meaning the Zeppelin a tourist company in San Fransisco is doing the revival. While it sounds a little pricey in the article, I would think popularity would bring down the price if they caught on. I like the idea, I would rather see them over the Grand Canyon than helicopters, and Vegas much quieter. I say bring them back
3) This article in New Scientist was pretty interesting, the title “Seven things that don’t make sense about gravity” pretty much says it all. That bit about the more we learn the less we know keeps dogging the research physicists. But, it is okay I enjoy watching the show, I just wish I spoke the language a little better.
4) There was quite a bit of talk about radio on the last few shows, so when I ran across this it seemed to be a fit here. I personally had not heard of low power FM, but with the current changes in the air waves, there may be some more opportunities for local community oriented radio.
5) For my geek orirented link of the week I thought the dissection of a worm might be interesting, that would be the conflicker worm. Interesting article here on the origin, inner workings, and general information.

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