Sunday, June 21, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) For my first offering something that covers several of my favorite subjects; green cars, fuel solutions, and a conspiracy. I first ran into this a while back, may have even used it here, a car in Japan that runs on water, ready for production. I have actually seen several of these on the internet, usually involving Browns Gas. The first link is for a Reuters video about the car, the conspiracy revolves around the sudden closing of the business, there have been several of these with mysterious endings like the inventor suddenly dying. When I went to YouTube for the video I found two that had been removed before I found this one. Second link to a short story about the possible conspiracy, I found several other stories hypnotizing on the conspiracy, but I am having trouble finding them again, Google is your friend.
2) This link was sent to me by Joe last week, and may either prove or disprove the conspiracy referred to previously. A car to hit the market soon with the equivalent of 360 mpg. If the plant closes due to a mysterious explosion, fire, death of the inventor or whatever, we just may be on to something. This really sounds like a promising concept although they do not go into a great deal of detail about the fuel system, there may be a need for more Googling.
3) Now for some thing a little closer to center zone. I’m talking about time travel it is becoming more and more a subject of interest in the world of physics, there is actually quite a bit of research going on. The posted video link even mentions one of the theories I adhere to, I first heard it mentioned by Terrance McKenna in a discussion about Time Wave Zero, when ask “If time travel is possible, where are all of the time travelers?” He gave the answer I like; "You cannot go back in time before the invention of the first time machine". Terrance went on to say “It will be obvious when the first time machine is invented, because they will instantly be everywhere, because of people going back to visit the day of its inception.” Many theorize that will be in December 2012, and cause the end of the universe as we know it. Dr. Ron Mallet makes a great Google search, even in Wikipedia.
4) This is one of those things that make me kind of wish I was much younger, because it indicates the potential of technology for the next 50-100 years. These people are quite serious, because they are actually spending money today, it makes you believe they are serious. They are building a space hotel, among several other projects. When we get private money into leaving the planet, it will happen; government was great for doing the research and development, proving the concept. But, private industry making big bucks, that is what will bring it to the common people. That is unless we change our priorities, or invent time machines, and then we can just go to the future and bring back all the blueprints. This is a good site to start a Google surfing trip.
5) For the Geek Link of the week I have to thank Troll for pointing out once again just how at risk I am, when it comes to using my computer. A very informative article about the most dangerous things to search for on the internet. For someone who likes to search as much as I do this is a must read, that does not mean I will recognize a problem, at least I will be more aware that I may be in a bad neighborhood, and look over my shoulder a little more often.

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