Sunday, June 28, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Okay here we go again; to start off the week I had something catch my eye about airplanes. Seems there is an outfit in Switzerland getting ready to fly a solar powered plane around the world, using not a single ounce of fuel. When one considers the Wright Brothers first sustained flight was in 1903, then just 21 year’s later the first circumnavigation of the planet, another twenty years we had jets. Considering the Sunseeker 2 just made news flying over the Alps on April 20th this year, link here and now another project is already planning a circumnavigation, looks like speedy progress to me.
2) This is something coming on the market that invokes a lot of innovation, and for me produced a lot of weird thoughts in my mind. Not sure what to think about it, on some levels sounds like a great idea, but then I think about the military applications, second generations, pets, well just not sure. I will let you decide we are talking about robotic furniture with a taste for flesh it eats pests like insects, mice, and not sure what else, then digests the critters and uses them as bio-fuel to power themselves,
3) Here is one that surprised me a little, and also caused me some deeper contemplation of what intelligence is, at least when related to numbers and basic math. It would appear some animals have a basic awareness of numbers, and some math. They just do not have language to discuss what it means limiting their ability to use it in a meaningful way.
4) It has been awhile since I used anything relating to UFO’s, I got caught up in the crop circle thing again last week, and I see them as related in some way. When I ran across this site I thought I would use it as it seems pretty good for keeping up with what is current.
5) For my geek link of the week, something I hope will prove to be wrong, I think this was sent to me by Troll, but it has been in the folder for a couple of weeks, so I am not sure, if so thanks. Some things just seem to follow patterns I don’t like and this may be one. The article predicts the internet will be free for less than five years. Somehow sounds par for the course, but I hope they are wrong,

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