Sunday, July 12, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I do not remember the last time I was this excited about the possibilities of one of my green links. This is nothing short of revolutionary; the potential for this is nothing short of staggering. The article says it is a paradigm shift comparable to the shift from main frame computers of the eighties to the best present day laptops. And, I have to whole heartily agree. We are talking about advancement in batteries capable of running your house, storing power from any off grid source, wind, and solar, geothermal, temperature fluctuation, tidal, whatever. Capable of recycling over 3,600 times, or once a day for ten years, at a cost of about $2,000 dollars. We are talking about replacing a smart grid technology with no grid, and saving money doing it, you just got to check this out, can you say stock investment this could be really big.
2) This is another link I thought to have some serious interest, there seems to be more and more movement into touch screen technology. Even the name has a sort of oxymoron sound when you consider that in order to use it you need to use sight. If you cannot see the screen visually it is almost useless. Well it seems the people at Carnegie Mellon are working on creating a sort of Braille touch screen. This may have some real advantages over the current type of screens, for people across the board. When going to the link be sure to check out the video link there very interesting
3) I touched on this last week just as a point of interest when we were talking about search engines, from the comments I guess several people looked into it during the show and were impressed. Because of that, I decided to put up a link for anyone that may have missed it. This is a new search engine that is really cool, aimed at the tech, and math people, but I even with my low pay grade have found t very useful.
4) I was sort of surprised to hear Joe say he had not heard of this, as I found it on Daily Rotation, and I know he is there daily. Anyway when I ran across it I thought it was kind of interesting from a computer tech show aspect, while I did not follow a lot of what they were talking about, I liked the format. A couple of guys on video talking tech stuff, keeping it short. but when it comes to computer tech my attention span is short, but with links on the side if you wanted more information on one of the topics.
5) For my geek link on a rather geek oriented week I am using this for YouTube fans who may not know about it. Seems if you want to change a low quality video to a high quality video on YouTube you just have to ad &fmt=18 to the end of the url. There are several other tricks dealing with YouTube on this link bottom of page under related links.

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