Sunday, August 09, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) This is a green site that I hope will be a trend setter, I very much like the whole concept of goofing around with stuff in the backyard, I very much like green stuff, I like saving money by doing things cheap using DYI. This guy wraps it all up, and he is even using EBay to support his hobby, this guy could be a hero in my book. The whole thing just fits my style, makes me long to give up my condo for a backyard.
2) This is one that I consider a ray of hope, sent to me by Earl I was very happy to read that there is serious movement going on by the administration regarding changing over to electric cars. The new administration is releasing 2.4 billion in stimulus monies to promote this new industry, news article here Earl also sent me this from San Diego California, they are testing an answer to one of the major stumbling blocks to setting up an electric car recharging grid, this is a very promising idea
3) A few years back there was a big deal about the “Taos Hum”, a generic term for one of those unsolved mysteries; it was heard in various locations around the country. Well it seems scientists have found what they consider the answer; I like it when they find the answers for these anomalies. Kind of like the traveling rocks in Death Valley, the Nazca Lines in Peru, even if I choose to harbor some doubt, well that’s just me. Story here
4) This is one close to the edge, but that is where I like to hang out. Right out of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey seems a photo of a monolith on Mars has shown up. The site here has a CNN interview with Buzz Aldrin referring to another monolith on Phobos a small moon of Mars. Sometimes the movies seem to predict our future, makes you wonder where the writers get their material.
5) This is another of those geeky, techie items that just sort of blew my mind. Not to sure how many applications this will have, but the implications seem endless when it comes to possibilities. We are talking about a tactile hologram, the demonstration video and article shows being able to feel holographic rain drops on your hand. Sort of adds thoughts of magic motion rides at amusement parks, game writers should have a field day, remote surgery, maybe pet the dog while you are away, I will leave the thoughts of porn sites to your imagination. Anyway a very interesting new technology coming soon, check it out here

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