Sunday, August 30, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I am starting off with another of those rather gloomy global warming links. But, in my mind the subject needs to stay in the public mind so I am just doing my little bit, hoping it will cause others to do theirs. Anyway this is an interesting article about the “Canary in the Mine” glacial meltdown; the rate seems to be greater than assumed as late as two years ago.
2) This is one of those Gregg Zone links that cross barriers. The subject is intuitive archeology, or using remote viewing for advancing the field. This has been going on for a while I have seen or heard several stories on it, but never used it here. This is about The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island, a very interesting article. With a short video by one of the more famous intuitive archeology workers in the field.
3) I ran across a new term today at least for me, some of you I am sure are tech savvy and it is most likely not new for you, but I will be spending some time getting used to it. I am referring to augmented reality, when they manage to install this as a chip in to your frontal cortex, you will be able to do those cool overlays in your vision like in the terminator movies, till then you will just have to use your phone, PDA, or whatever, article here
4) I have to admit this is one I have not read trough yet, but due to time restraints I have decided to use it, post my blog, and read it during the show leading up to my segment, so it is posted on the title only, "The Joy of Linux Debunking"
5) For my geek link offer, another that misses my pay grade due to altitude, but sounded like it might interest the audience here, the universal micro-kernel

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