Sunday, September 13, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) For my opening green link this week I am going to use an article in BBC sent to me by Troll last week. I think it was the History Channel that had a few programs on these geo-transforming projects being presented in various forms. This is an interesting subject to look into if you are so inclined. We seem to be caught in a sort of technology loop needing new tech to save us from all the new tech. Seems we may be evolving the planet along with ourselves. This is an interesting place to start your research here, and also a good googling adventure for a slow afternoon.
2) Speaking of evolution, here is an article from the wall street journal talking about something that definitely fits, when talking about how technology is causing the human race to evolve. I found this rather disturbing at some level, there is something a little depressing about the generational shift caused by getting older. We want to sort of hang on to what we are familiar with. But, it makes me a little more comfortable thinking about leaving the planet in the next twenty years or so. Knowing I will be unable to adapt to the changes anyway, guess I can cancel the cryogenic plan. Any way pardon my drifting, an interesting read on technology and one of the evolutionary changes it is causing, even though that is not what the article is about, I am sure you will see my point.
3) If this did not come from New Scientist I would not use it, but it does and it is very much in the news these days, so I am going to post the link. The article is about legalizing drugs in the U.S. I thought this was an odd place to find this article that seems to be pro-legalization. In my mind they make a lot of sense, it is something that needs to be addressed by our society. In my opinion the war on drugs is a total waste of money, time, resources, and creating criminals from our young. I was particularly struck by the comments, this is a magazine that would by its nature attract the better educated, and deep thinking readers on the net. The comments were mostly articulate, and overwhelmingly pro-legalization.
4) Wow here I go what a week last link about the war on drugs, and now right into 911, sorry about the politics Joe. But, we did just have an anniversary of the 911 event. I decided to spend that day catching up on what is new on that front. What I ran across was a recent English version of an Italian documentary currently showing in Europe. Sort of a Loose Change treatment, but I thought it was interesting to see what they think over seas about what happened, and how we handled it. The movie link is here I also saved several other links, I am not using them here, but if you are interested drop me an email use 911 for subject so I can sort them out, I will send them along.
5) As my geek offering this is something I got in an email, I looked at it tried to get a basic idea of what it was about. After five min of scanning for something that looked remotely familiar, and not finding it, I thought this must be the perfect place to put it. Just kidding it’s about a new open-source operating system that is supposed to make my life easier…Nine pages of geekese enjoy.

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