Sunday, October 04, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I am pretty sure this is the first green link I have put up that I almost feel I should apologize for, but there is no way I could resist something like pee power. It seems that those guys at Ohio State have really come up with something interesting this time. They say one cow can produce enough urine to provide hot water for 19 houses, hard to resist a comment on that. They say if they can convert a car battery, 90 mpg. I am not going to comment on the obvious lap top remark. All kidding aside this not only looks like a workable idea, they say it can be available in six months.
2) This started out with a conversation with Joe over the reality of money’s value, I was talking about how money has no real value, it only has a virtual value because all of us playing the game agree to use it as currency, and that value is arbitrary. Looking around for Google ammo to express my point of view I ran across this. While making my point it has a very Gregg Zone Link plus. Seems there is a very real economy rising in the third world using cell phone minutes as currency, replacing cash. Check this out
3) This is one of those sites to educate your self in almost any area that interests you. If you like to follow new areas of interest like taking a course at the community college on a new subject that started those curiosity juices flowing. This may be something you are interested in, it is a free online educational site setup by Rice University in a new and innovative way. You can contribute your knowledge, and benefit from others in a very open environment.
4) This is something that was announced last year, I just saw it last week thought that it is very interesting, another of those promising technologies that seem to be popping up everywhere. Sometimes it looks encouraging the way technology is pacing our planet worries. This is one of those win-win type situations using excess heat and co2 coming from power plants, combining it with sea water to make cement. It reduces the co2 created in making the cement, and then sequesters excess co2 in the finished product. Very cool
5) A very interesting geek offering this week, I was recently introduced to the idea of a national wireless mesh network and I started looking into it; this is an extremely interesting idea. I am posting two links the first deals mainly with cars, they have this in the testing stage now in Europe by wirelessly connecting lots of cars to each other they can, by using break sensors, and other sensing devices in the car communicate road conditions, weather hazards like black ice, along with a lot of other stuff to other cars. Article here
But, this pales when compared to what Massachusetts is up to they are talking about complete and total wireless access statewide, everything. Every cell phone, traffic light, lap top, car, everything serving as a mini cell tower sending data along. This could be huge, they want it to be free it would change everything.

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