Sunday, December 06, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

I need to start with an apology to anyone who sent me links this week, I had so many and I kept adding them to my bookmark folder I lost track of who sent what. If I did not use something you sent this week, maybe next week. But, thank you one and all.

1) Starting again with a green car technology that looks promising, and seemingly in the near future. This is one that was new to me, called the Wave Disk Engine and Electricity Generator. Just a little over my head in trying to understand the concept, but sure looks like a player in the hybrid market. It improves the standard by a factor of five.
2) As long as we are talking cars, how fast do you think a car is capable of? I was surprised to find this article about a British team with a car they expect to shatter the land speed record with, they are talking about exceeding 1000 mph. I am not sure what practical use there is for such a machine, but I do think it is very cool.
3) This is one of those new so called technological advancements in the way we do things that I find personally disturbing. Kind of falls into that category of generational shifting I often talk about. It just seems to be another step in the direction of news media morphing into something I have more and more difficulty relating to. I miss what I think of as real news reporting, news departments of the past would assign a story to a reporter who would spend a month or two digging into the issue, think Watergate. Those days are gone, I hope this is not the future, but due to cost savings I fear it is right around the corner.

4) Speaking of things that disturb me coming into the mainstream, granted this is in England, George Orwell land. But, these things have a habit of spreading, might take a long time to catch on here, but we seem to be heading in this direction. Only time will tell
5) For my geek link of the week I found this with memory storage growing at such an impressive rate for the last few years the idea of extreme advancements might seem like a dream. This may wake everyone up, and soon. New and improved coming soon to your local computer store.

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