Sunday, December 27, 2009

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) Starting off the last Gregg Zone of the decade I thought it fitting to begin with a link that seems to me to be the best most promising since I started writing the zone. I like this so much in so many ways, when I first saw it last year it made me rethink my whole concept of technology saving us from ourselves. It is such a small and simple idea it makes me wonder why it took so long. Imagine a wind generator so simple it uses no propeller, no fancy bearings, no turbine. You can build one on your desk for between 10 and 15 dollars, with no special tooling, parts, or skills. Scaled up in size I could see these on the roof of my house, the roof of my car helping to recharge the batteries, almost anywhere. If the air flow can be transformed to liquid I can even imagine them using tides, water streams, everywhere. I think the concept of low tech being the next high tech is a very real possibility.
2) Now keeping along the same low tech tinkering leading to new and fantastic high tech ideas. If you are not up on the latest digital sixth-sense concepts coming down the pike. You really need to check this out. I was very impressed to find that a home project type person can build this for about three hundred dollars, off the shelf. The other thing that caught my ear at the end of the first video was the inventor saying he planned to put out the software in open source next year.
3) With the new movie Avatar coming out last week I thought this link I ran across about how to watch it in 3D or Imax and avoid getting a headache or hangover from the special effects might be helpful. I watched a video on peoples impressions of the film and was struck by several saying they felt very disoriented leaving the theater. That got me looking around and I found this.
4) Keeping with my interest in medical advancements and reading about these guys and their anti-aging research, I'm wondering if I was just born a few years to early. Oh well luck of the draw and all that, but it looks like the next few generations may be around for a long time if there is anything to all this.
5) Geek link for the week something I read about coming from Ford the ability to turn your car into a wi-fi mobile hot spot. Allowing anyone in the car access from iPhone, to lap tops, sounds like a real boost for car pooling to me.

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