Wednesday, December 02, 2009

McAfee uncovers riskiest domains | Security - CNET News

"McAfee's third annual 'Mapping the Mal Web' report, released Wednesday, looks at riskiest and safest domains across the globe."

This is a reason computers get infected with Malware and Virus. The generic and widely used .com domain itself isn't much safer, according to McAfee, jumping from ninth last year to second this year in riskiness, with 32.2 percent of its sites potentially hazardous to your PC's health.

I can't tell people how important it is to keep your computer's security up to date. As long as you haven't Disable User Account Control in Windows Vista or Windows 7 you are mush safer. (You still need to be careful) However if you are running WindowsXP or older windows you are in danger all of the time. Another advantage of Linux, Security :)

Interesting report you should look at it. You might stop going on the Internet! :(


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