Sunday, January 03, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1)Starting off with the green link of the week, this is a pretty interesting article about a teenage kid winning a science fair by coming up with a solution to a problem that has been around for a while now. I have a personal dislike for those plastic grocery bags, they last for ever in the land fills, and wreak general havoc on the environment. It will be interesting to see if an 16 year old, 11th grader can scoop the environmental scientists.
2)Going to have to pardon me if I get on a little bit of a rant here, but if there is any truth to this article, well let me just say it goes to show how twisted we have become, and illustrates if we destroy the planet we have nobody to blame but our selves. It seems when they first started setting up nuclear power plants there was a decision made to use uranium instead of thorium, because of the byproduct plutonium, which could be turned into bombs. Thorium's advantage over uranium? It is more efficient, vastly cleaner (creates minuscule amounts of waste needing to be stored for a few hundred years only), it's much cheaper (so common we have an exhaustible supply), and it's impossible to have a meltdown.
3)I am tossing this in just in case anyone is interested in supplementing their income using eBay, a interesting article on someone who did that very well this Christmas, just by paying attention to what was happening around him using a little luck and parlaying it into a several thousand dollars.
4)It has been a while since I brought up U.F.O's there seems to be a lot of new interest in the field, new T.V. Programs and just a general uptick in the media. While this is not media oriented I thought it very interesting. There has been a new web site set up for professional, and amateur astronomers to report odd things they see while studying the night sky. It will be interesting to occasionally check in and see what is being reported.
5)Here is another of those in the zone items I ran across, while new to me I am sure others have checked it out. I had heard there was a new T.V. Show out there focusing on, well, lets just say subjects that interest me. I have not turned the T.V. on since giving up Cox Cable, but when I found a reference the show talking about Alaska's area 51, well I just had to Google. It is available at YouTube, I am referring to Jessy Ventura's investigation show "TRU", here is the YouTube link, it is complete, but in four segments. I will be looking for more of these shows very soon.
6)Okay for my geek link of the week a quickie on how to save your electronic gadget, phone or whatever when you drop in in your beer, toilet, the lake or whatever. I would be really curious to find out if this really works, what the heck it's worth a try. Oh! and a P.S. - Happy belated binary day, but that's okay next weeks show will be on the second of several binary days this year.

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