Sunday, January 10, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) I was sort of hoping to start off my green link with something super cool from CES, but in that area I was rather disappointed at the show. Lots of whiz-bang fancy stuff, most of which reminded me of a movie sequel, new twist on an old story. So when I started looking around and spotted some news on something I had used along time ago. And, I remembered thinking it was a keeper back then and, I saw the article was about their success; that they were attracting more money and interest I thought I would bring it back.
2) One more CES link, because I know we will be talking about the show, and I don’t want to over do it here, I may use some other CES related stuff next week. One of the biggest new hype products this year; was 3D T.V. I was not very impressed, nor was Joe. We talked about it quite a bit and we both had the same ho-hum feeling about it. I thought this article was very insightful, they were not very impressed either, and he made some very good points about the industry. I think he was right on with his analysis about why the industry will lose in the short term, but probably force us into acceptance eventually.
3) Moving on from the show, this is a link that Troll sent last week that is one of the coolest I have seen in quite awhile. Our friend in Playa Del Rey has been so wound up in this he has been at the site for many hours every day all week. While I like it a lot, I’m not quite that hooked. But, if you are into photography you really need to check this out. In the past I used a link on this Gigapixel Technology. But, it was nothing like this super high resolution, 18 gigapixel, 360 degree spherical panorama, photo taken from the top of the T.V. antenna in Prague. Full zoom capability you can zoom in on someone miles away and see their facial features. Just amazing detail be sure not to miss this one. Thanks Troll, you sure did well this time.
4) This is one that Earl might be interested in if he is not already aware of it. It has been said you cannot reinvent the wheel; well the guy’s at MIT may have something to say about that. They have just unveiled The Copenhagen Big Wheel, for bicycles. This is a very impressive bit of engineering; it is comparable to the Swiss Army Knife, a lot of useful stuff crammed into a small space.
5) My geek link for the week is not totally computer related, but has a definite geek appeal. This is a video site called Engineering TV, an online video program by engineers for engineers. Focused on technical B2B engineering topics, there is an archive in addition to the current offerings, very nice site.

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