Sunday, January 17, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) Starting with what looks to be a positive sign in the green energy field. Hope it becomes a trend. It looks like Stirling Energy Systems is getting ready to start up their first plant in Arizona. They are not the only solar supplier using the Stirling Engine. I like seeing small energy companies like this just starting up, with out much encouragement. If they are successful it may start a movement toward this type of energy production. Maybe even a gold rush type investment bubble, it is the Home Depot model I am looking for lean it against the garage and plug it in. Interesting article, a few of the links are informative.
2) Being still close to the beginning of the year I still have an attraction to those prediction sites, when I found this one I thought I would pass it on. No doomsday, end of the world here. Fairly sane and reasonable forecasts and predictions for technology in 2010, I thought his daily video was fairly well done and interesting.
3) This is about another area of interest to me space, our technological capability's are increasing exponentially. This looks to be another of one those jumps. There is a company currently building a plasma rocket engine that will cut down the travel time to Mars from two years to about forty days. I would say as they are supposedly beginning production now at this rate it looks like we may land someone on Mars in my lifetime WOW!
4) This article I found on language death I found it sad, unfortunately I think he is right that it is inevitable his case for this seems well thought out. Everything in our world is determined by economics, not much we can do about that. I do think language preservation is important, and study as to origin and such is necessary, but like they say at what level, and at how much cost. He wrote what looks to be an interesting book. I looked it up at free library, but it is not free and price ridicules.
5) For my geek link of the week, the news that there is a geek shortage, here in the U.S. to the point of being considered a national security emergency. Just my twisted point of view, but when we passed laws enabling everything to go overseas, to save a buck. We had to know we would pay in the end. Oh well an interesting read, maybe job security for some, opportunity for others, just hope it is in time.

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