Sunday, January 24, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) Starting off with a little regression back to CES, this was one if the things I noticed walking around the show. One of the buzz words or terms that were flashing around was green energy. Another related term was home energy, especially referring to saving due to a greater understanding of how much energy the home was using and more importantly where it was being used. This is an interesting link on that whole area, do click around the links, a lot of interesting stuff here
2) This is probably my favorite areas when it comes to zone links, specifically the “I want one of those” links. This one comes thanks to Troll thank god there is no way I could afford one of these, so I won’t have to worry too much. But, as far as the cool factor. And that, “I wish I would be around long enough to see this developed”, maybe into a fad. Something just taking off due to a basic practicability, sort of like the new V.W. Bug taking over the market in the ‘70’s. That is something that would make me envious of the next generation.
3) This is one Joe sent me a week or so ago. I like keeping up on these medical advancements, they just keep getting better. This is one on using the conteversial stem cell technology in giving sight to a kid born blind. It seems odd to me that someone would have to go all the way to China to take advantage of these breakthroughs. We are destine to lose our technological edge as a country if we continue to let antiquated belief systems continue to get in the way of our progress, just my perspective don’t write.
4) This line of physics leading to M-theory or multiverse theory is one of those areas that keep me interested, not so much for all the presented hype that goes along with most of the articles related to it, dealing with the math and theory. The part that keeps me coming back are the obvious questions of how does it relate to consciousness, the human questions of how do I fit I as a conscious entity fit into this matrix.
5) Time for that link that just zooms by me, leaving me thinking wow that’s cool, followed by what’s cool. Not sure what effect this may have on the world, but I keep hearing about virtualization from people in the radio show rooms, so when I saw this and realized it was only a day or two old, it just seemed like it a was postable link.

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