Sunday, January 31, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) This is an article about the advancement of car sharing companies. I have linked several of them from Agassi’s electric car company, to the Zip Car here in the Zone. This article is sort of encouraging, seeing interest in this area. How long before the perfect business plan is developed and put into action. There are several links in the story worth looking at.
2) I am going to toss in an extra green link this week; this is to an article in Science Daily discussing the problem of growing crops for bio fuels instead of food. Basically another approach of using waste products, I think this may be part of the solution, I like recycling in any form.
3) I ran across this yesterday and thought it was interesting in several ways. When it comes to material science, and the discovery of new materials necessary to build new technology there are few more important factors than weight, and strength. So finding a new metal lighter than aluminum, but stronger than steel, impressed me. The applications seem endless, the article references run from body armor and prosthetics, to car bumpers, but is seems like there would be many more.
4) I saw this earlier in the week, have not had time to look into it, but plan to soon. I first linked to this at least a year ago, the availability dates went by, and I forgot about it. Well evidently I missed the debut, looks like it is up and running. I am referring to Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope, much like Google Maps, but for the night sky, stitching most of the world’s telescopes together, and putting them on your computer. I am looking forward to that next big meteoroid shower, solar flare, and more.
5) This is something Joe sent me, I was going to set up the free trial this morning, but got side tracked. Planning to do it soon though, talking about using Windows 7 media center for XM Radio. I listen to more radio than watch T.V., so this may be very cool for me. My biggest question is can I run it in the background while using the computer to surf, or play games. Guess I will find out, anyway here is a link for instructions at How to Geek.
6) For my geek link this week I ran across this rather cool search site, what it does is tile Google and Bing side by side. Enter one search term, in one box and you can compare the results, or just find more results. I played with it a while and like it quite a bit, now I have to figure out how to make it my default search site. Or at least find out if I can, know how let me know.

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