Sunday, February 07, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) Since I started doing the show it has been increasing hard to impress me with new technologies, and/or products, but this really grabbed me. While it is not very new, due to cost and production methods it has been out of reach for most applications. Seems they are now coming into the main stream. I am talking about aerogels just think about this statement from the article, if you completely insulate a three bedroom home with them, you can heat it with a candle, there is a problem though, it will get to hot. Article with links here
2) This surprised me, say happy birthday Youtube, today as of my writing this Feb. 06-2010 Youtube is five years old. My sensation of time is definitely getting twisted, it feels to me that they have been around a lot longer, guess it is just me, anyway article here.
3) This is a link to a show host from Coast to Coast, hosted by Art the other night January 31st, if you missed it and have stream link you should check it out, very good. The guest was David Lewis Anderson a time researcher. He is saying they have built a time control machine. He said China, India, and Japan among others have the technology. Very interesting show, scary if true, not sure how to verify the statements. If anyone has more information please let me know.
4) Let me start here saying please don’t send me email about this, I know I am conspiracy oriented at times, and I have a rep for disliking cell phones. But, when I think about the tobacco industries, among many others that manipulate data, especially here in the U.S. in the name of profits. Heck, I hear some think swine flu and global warming fall into that category. Well if you are willing to consider all the data, be informed and think for yourself, you might read this. It is a recent article, published February 2010.
5) I got this from an email Troll sent me, like most geek links I get most of it sort of slides in one eye and out the other. But, I get the gist of it, about a very old bug (17 yrs.) in Windows that is finally being addressed.

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