Sunday, February 14, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) My green link for the week has to do with the clean water situation worldwide, and is currently being considered for use in Haiti. This is a system called a bio-reactor it uses bacteria to clean putrid water in about 24 hour. The green aspect of this revolves around water delivery, as an example the army is currently sending two of these to Afghanistan, they say that they can save a lot of gasoline currently used to deliver water for operations there. They are requesting the company producing them to send their prototype to Haiti to help with the recovery.
2) This is one of those technological advancements that I remember seeing in many sci-fi movies, reading about in several books. The author always has to come up with a way for all the different species of aliens to talk to our hero. Somehow I never thought I would see the universal translator in my life time, but then forgot about Google. The Google techs are working hard on the problem, and they say in a couple of years they will introduce the translator phone. You speak English in to your phone it is translated and comes out as verbal Spanish at the other end, and reverses the process back to you. I would guess the cell phone app is already being designed. http://technology.
3) This is a follow up from last week, I am still all wrapped up in this announcement that time control technology has been achieved, and perused by several countries around the world. I ran across another interview with David Lewis Anderson on the net, you can listen to this one without paying, or subscribing at Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland. You will need to click on the listen link then select the correct one, it is titled “Is Time Travel Already Happening”?
4) Today is the twentieth anniversary of a famous photograph; this is one of those things that make you think about just how small our life footprint is in the overall scheme of the universe. Taken from four billion miles in space by Voyager 1, just as they were shutting down the offices. The photo was quite sensational when it came out, called the Pale Blue Dot. It shows Earth as two or three pixels on a photograph measuring 14 feet wide. The link is at NPR and has a audio link attached if you prefer to listen to the story and interview.
5) My geek link this week illustrates just how totally out of touch I am with this, this is from EEF’s (Electronic Frontier Foundation) twentieth anniversary bash, being covered by Macworld. Features a video with Adam Savage from Mythbuster’s fame. The video is in two parts, I watched it all, and was left totally clueless, but that’s okay.

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