Sunday, February 21, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) The breakthroughs for green tech seem to be coming along at a pretty fast clip these days. Sometimes the advances signifying the most promise seem to run under the radar. The main talking point about this new solar advancement revolves around manufacturing technique, and materials. The main point I thought was not using Rare Earth Minerals, something I think we will see more about these shortages future news, especially regarding the economic world power structure. (See next link).
2) It seems that our attention is always focused on the big stuff, we think about running out of oil, peak oil. Constantly worried about how short supply will affect world politics. It creates wars both economic, and military. This article and its rather ominous statements of fact about high tech industries and rare earth minerals, they are mostly coming from China, who is talking about a shortage and eliminating their export, it should be a wake-up call for our government if we can avoid our distractions. It might also point to an investment opportunity, if you can find a way to exploit it.
3) One of the things I like to do on line it to take those little tests, of one sort or another, you know how many states can you identify, just the general knowledge type. So when I saw this I have to admit I was drawn in and totally humiliated. Anyway I just had to post it here; it is a copy of an eighth grade graduation test from 1895. The link I chose starts with a comment and link, to, I think they are right, the guys at snopes went a little over with their defensive simplification; they seemed to miss the point, just my interpretation. Next week I will post the answers for the Google-challenged.
4) I worked with para-transit for several years, driving people with various types of disability around Las Vegas, I suppose that is why I am attracted to advancements that help solve issues in those communities. This one is a twofer, think of a hybrid between an office chair, and a mountain bike, that is this wheel chair. Designed for rural settings, rocks, mud, sand,and dirt roads, there are many people in the world unable to walk, living in rural conditions that offer no choice other than dragging themselves on the ground, sometimes for miles. This is aimed at helping them. The unit is designed to be manufactured locally from new, and used bicycle parts for less than $200.00. The hope here is to provide local jobs, in addition to helping others with disabilities.
5) My geek link for the week... one of my favorite web things is Google, I am always at least mildly interested by headlines concerning them. This fell into that category and thought it interesting. Looks like Google is going into the ISP business, or, well maybe not. There are evidently several layers to this announcement. Hope it all works out as planned.

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