Sunday, February 28, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) Kind of hard to not open the week with the Bloombox after all the hype started off with the Sixty-Minutes unveiling last week after our show. Going to post two links one to an article in the Christen Science Monitor, I was Googling around looking for skeptics must be a little early. I could not find any negative reviews, but I am sure they are coming. Hope this is as advertised we sure could use a decent breakthrough. This has so much going for it; it is already proven, saves on fossil fuels, can power my electric car, saves on need to run new power lines, helps national security by breaking up the grid, looks to be cost effective, could be adapted to condos and apartments, as well as houses, lots of small and large business applications, can be adapted to renewable energy sources, solves power distribution issues in undeveloped countries, increases military flexibility, and I am sure a lot more. Monitor Article 60 Minutes Segment
2) This is another of those where the headline did its job, how could I pass on “Smart salad dressing’ could save Venice”. Other than the obvious visuals dealing with gondoliers and Good Seasons, I have been following the related issues of Venice, Climate Change, and sea rise for a long time I am extremely curious as to how we will deal with that situation. This might prove to be an answer. Looks like it would be fairly simple if it worked as they hope, would be cheaper than the flood gates, I would think.
3) It has been a while since I put up one of those “if I had billions of dollars I want to buy one of these” sites. This one even has a green side to it. This something I would just move on to get a few slips in temperate climates and become a harbor rat. When I first clicked on the site I thought the picture was a model, until I saw the reference to the fork lift, and the guy inside cleaning the window. The push to solar is heating up, and diversifying.
4) This is one of those stories that I find disturbing to the point I am glad to be getting older, and most likely will be in the check-out line about the time things get unbearable. This is about how in Great Briton they are weaponizing classical music. Not for the military, the police are using it to control people. I don’t know why the whole Orwellian movement in England bothers me so much, but it does. The idea of controlling, and manipulating the people by the government just seems wrong to me, can newspeak, and thought police be far behind.
5) For my weekly geek link this week I thought this might offer some insight as to just how vulnerable we may be when it comes to the potential cyber-war I keep hearing about. I mean if this article is correct about the guys who are supposedly funneling all that black budget money into high conspiracy projects dealing with new super stealthy technologies. If they have access to the money, and this is the best they can do to keep up with computer technology in their main offices, what shape are the lesser agencies in.
6) Just had to toss this in for all of those guys out there with GPS units wondering what the girl behind the voice looks like, check it out here.

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