Sunday, March 07, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) It seems like every time I go looking around these days I find some sort of new revolutionary new item that is going to solve everything regarding our energy problems. I can’t wait for one of these to start making a dent in the market. I think once one of these discoveries like the Bloom box comes out as an ice breaker, making a profit proving market concept, all heck is going to break out. Check out this new one wow!
2) This is a follow up on a link I put up a week or two back about the Nintendo game on ebay selling for $13,000 dollars. Well let’s just say it pays to have an intact factory seal. Might want to check your attic after reading this one.
3) It has been quite awhile since I put up anything about watching T.V. on the computer; this is about Hulu and sort of demonstrates the problem with the internet vs. money. What we eventually wind up with in regards to copyright laws and the internet most likely will not be anything close to what we are used to now. I am already worried, planning to remain calm, but expecting to have trouble maintaining my cool for long.
4) This is a subject I just cannot get enough of these days; I am referring to multiverse theory. The entire world of physics is in constant turmoil these days. If you are following this subject you might want to read this article. Goes into some interesting areas, like comparing infinities which may prove to solve, or at least shed some light on various conflicts.
5) I have started making my own yogurt, and kefir these days stuff I like but find expensive in the stores. Anyway, doing some basic research on probiotics I ran across this and thought I would put it up. Not many people realize just how non-human we humans are.
6) When it comes to these subjects I find out doing each other over and over, nothing competes with computer memory advances. Here is another of those just think about this a moment. I already have a 750gig hard drive, now I read this new advancement will increase that by somewhere between 1,000 and one million times. How long before there is a one million terabyte hard drive at Fry’s, for $99.99?

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