Sunday, March 21, 2010

Links From The Gregg Zone

1) If you thought you had seen it all when it comes to interesting places to put solar cells, think again. At first glance this seems pretty far out there as presented here their idea is to replace roads and parking lots with durable solar panels. Seems to have problems like traction, extreme weight of some trucking. But, hey why not sidewalks, parking garage roofs, light show patios, there must be many other applications.
2) Looks like those on glass computer generated displays are soon to our car windshields, I guess it was inevitable the military already has some. Why not have the major car companies start a gadget race for space on my windshield, I’m ready just what I wanted my car looks at my eyes, translates where I am looking and draws circles around what it thinks I am looking for.
3) The evolution of space travel is sure getting mixed up these days. The space race is definitely warming up again China, Japan, India, of course North Korea, along with several other countries are rushing ahead with various programs. The U.S. seems to be backing down in general, but there is hope! In the U.S. what we do best is private industry, they are smelling the money and they are going for it. Here is an interesting article with video about the new citizen’s astronauts program, planning to put people in space in the next year or so.
4) This caught my eye thinking it was a good idea, and then having second thoughts. They are talking about using genetics to alter mosquitoes in a way to use them to deliver vaccines to fight diseases usually carried by mosquitoes. I am worried thinking about the whole mutation thing, so many ecological disasters created by bringing in one animal to control a pest, only to have them become a bigger pest. It would probably sell a lot of books for the conspiracy buffs, government altered mosquitoes delivering something extremely evil to the people.
5) I have been waiting for this awhile now, the United States is launching a new division of the military, and it is about time… meet USCybercom. We are fielding a new cyber army to contend with all of the threats being launched at our cyber structure from foreign countries. Being a fan of evolution, I would like to see this morph into one hundred of our finest gamers, and a hundred of their best in a big room in two different countries playing a computer game called “War of the World”. Whenever one country wins a round, they get to make a law that must be obeyed by both countries, whoever wins the next round can either make a new law or revoke the last law. It is just an idea. But, it does look like there will be a new place for geeks in the army.

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