Monday, March 29, 2010

Shop Lost $200,000 from Online Banking Scam - SPAMfighter

In February 2010, cybercriminals stole $200,000 from an auto body shop in Ohio (USA), Clarke Collision Center, in a brazen robbery done online. Hackers used malware for unauthentic access of bank account.

Security experts said that small business assumes great responsibility when banking online as banks are not lawfully obliged to compensate losses suffered because of the fake activity. Therefore, business should become more careful in the matters related to IT and should regularly update the antivirus solutions and operating systems.

This is getting worst all over the place, the bad guys are not just getting into people's home computers and banks, but Small business are loosing thousands of dollars, and they don't even know. Unless someone notices something wrong and does something about it. The small business in this article got back some of their money.
If you own a business remember your bookkeeping computer is the one you want the most secure. (Don't use it to surf the internet at all!)

I can't tell customers enough times do your Weekly Maintenance and keep your computer clean and MalWare free.

I have said it many time, I make a living fixing Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are much more secure and are harder for users to get infected.


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