Sunday, April 04, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) My green link for the week was sent to me by Wills, I thank you. Sometimes I look at these ideas and can only think wow!! The concept is great (I suppose that’s why they call them concept cars), but they all seem to run into that special environment restriction. If you were building a city from scratch with lots of design control it might work very well, in New York City no. Although, it would increase the parking spaces by a factor of ten, and you could have a lot more cabs and they should be cheaper to run, but making sense would never be enough cause to change anything. It is a great idea and I was impressed by the Segway - GM collaboration seems like there is a lot of potential in a union like that. I imagine they have someplace in mind to test market, it will be interesting to follow.
2) This is another along the green transportation line sent to me by Troll, thank you sir. A link to a story about electric motorcycles in California being touted by Arnie, they are even offering a rebate. According to the story the cost of operation is about one cent per mile, on average terrain, and speeds. That link here When, I first looked at this story I thought there was something familiar about the bike, then I remembered seeing it on Youtube it was being ridden by a dirt competition rider who was impressed with the bike. I was looking for the video when I found this story about the bike it predates the other link some, in this article they mention that the Zero-S Arnies model is coming out soon and will be equipped for street use. The article is interesting especially about the origin of the motor, this article is about the zero-X my impression is they are same bike, with different equipment. That link here
3) This is an article about some new tricks they are working on in genetics, referring to it as Genetic Code 2.0 kind of says it all. They are talking a total rewrite using phrases like synthetic biology, synthetic organisms, almost sounds like a cross between the Island of Dr. Moreau – and a robotics team at MIT. It has the look of a beginning, but I am not sure I want to know the ending. As with most things there is potential for both good and evil, bet you will see it referenced to in a movie soon.
4) When I saw this I was drawn in because of the neural computer talk noticed in my initial scan. The idea of creating an artificial intelligence has long been one of those fields that arouse my curiosity. The articles early reference to finding “electronics long lost missing link” did not hurt either. Seems that they have demonstrated a working memristor, oops spell check did not like that, but maybe that is going to change soon. This Looks like it is a big deal, and it may make some serious changes in the future. The article has also fostered an interest in slime mold, I will be looking into that after the show.
5) Link to a Farmville vs Mafia Wars review, I must admit his description pretty much fits my mental picture of what the games are like. Although with millions playing there must be more to it. I scanned the comments section, but my overall impression is that like a lot of things in the world it is just not for me.

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