Sunday, April 11, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Cars that run on air have been a subject of interest to me since I saw a video on Youtube quite a while ago. I was very interested to see a man in Australia who was powering a fork lift in his warehouse with compressed air. I was struck by the fact the engine needed no oil or lubricant of any kind of due to air pressure filling in any and all gaps between moving parts thus zero friction, meaning the engine should last just about forever. This is an interesting site on air powered vehicles that delves into several areas dealing with the pros and cons of the technology.
2) This is something I have seen mentioned several times lately on the net in different venues. Seems NASA is currently searching for what they are calling the Death Star. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the discovery we have a sister sun; somehow I never considered we might have a duel star solar system. The death star reference comes from the theory that stars gravity is slinging comets at us from a distance. Interesting read here
3) It would appear there is some rumbling going on with the theory of evolution. I’m not talking about the religious debate, this is pure science. Actually the research is pointing to a challenge in the area of natural selection being the only driving mechanism of evolution. The article is about the new field of epigenetics, and discoveries dealing with environmental information being transferred through the epigenome which is part of DNA causing changes in the offspring. The unsaid thing that struck me about the subject which is of interest to me is how this might relate to the concept of cell memory. This is a fascinating read
4) Time for something a little edgy, over the years I have heard stories about raining fish, frogs, and the like, well it may have happened again in Australia raining fish, in the desert yet. The usual explanation for this phenomenon is a tornado, or water spout in a nearby lake or ocean, they say they eliminated that possibility. The other oddity is the fish were still alive, if they were caught in a massive updraft of some kind at seventy thousand feet they should have been frozen, or died due to lack of pressure.
5) My geek link for the week is kind of a bookend link; I could have used it as a green link, that’s a first. Anyway it seems we can save toner and printer ink just by changing the font we use. This article is about how the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay is saving quite a bit of money by changing to a greener font. I think I may do the same heck if I get another 3-5% for what I do it might get me another month or two.

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