Sunday, April 18, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) This is an article about that glacial collapse in Peru that created a tsunami in a lake causing damage to local towns. While the general track of the article involves global climate change, there is quite a bit of general info here, complete with several videos, interesting read if you are interested in the current view about losing our glaciers.
2) I have posted quite a few links in the nano-tech field in the past; almost all of them were on new possibilities, and advancements in the technology. Well there is always down side to consider this article points to some major concerns about where we might be going with this.
3) Not sure what to make of a story like this, the implications are pretty much endless, if it turns out to be true. It makes me think of several other stories, subjects from cell memory, to after death possibilities, in other words one of those items that make me think a little deeper. http://www.dailymail
4) This article about predictive software is rather disturbing, and reminds me of a movie plot back there somewhere. Seems they want to predict bad behavior before it happens, they decide you are incline to commit a crime by analysis now they will follow you around just in case? Sounds pretty goofy to me, but I.B.M. dumped a lot of money into it so who knows?
5) This made me wonder just how much have agreed to through that who has time to read all this, I will just click, sign, whatever just give me my toy now. I mean when they trick me into giving up my eternal soul OMG what else did I miss.

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