Sunday, May 16, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) This is a link from a Coast radio show from a week or two back, if you have stream link and have not heard this show it would be well worth listening to. If this is real it is incredible, it would be a complete solution to our whole energy problem. I am thinking about buying the DVD, or watch the one time streaming video. This is the best zero energy story I have heard since I started this blog.
2) With the oil spill so much in the news these days I was looking around reading some stuff on oil, when I ran across this article, while I was aware of the theory that oil did not come from dinosaurs and prehistoric vegetation I had never seen much on it. This is interesting, but as usual a little over my head in some areas I am going to have to look around some more.
3) This is about our new space race, the one where it is becoming more and more difficult to understand our direction. The article is unfortunately not about the United States, but about China, if you had any doubt that China intends to colonize other planets in the solar system this should set us straight. Want to be an astronaut in China one of the requirements is that you are married.
4) The whole genetics thing has my head spinning lately; advancements in the medical areas are moving at a frightening rate. Now they are going to mix spiders, and goats. The idea is to cause goats to create spider web silk instead of milk. Lots of uses for the web material, from human tendon replacements, to bullet proof vests.
5) For my geek link this week I thought I would add this to the Face Book fiasco, seems how to erase your info from face book is the ninth most popular Google search these days. Makes you wonder just how much they will have to deal with, before they change their ways. It should also offer some input to other social networking sites about how people feel about their privacy.
6) Bonus geek link for the week,

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