Sunday, May 09, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I was caught by the name Tesla, a tease I always fall for, it seems this guy improved an old patent of Tesla’s for a wind turbine without blades. Not sure what is up with this the article sounds like a lot of hype, but short on details. Be interesting to keep an eye on them, or at least research this it a little more.
2) I had 2 site referrals here lately one for the Mach20 Glider, and the X-37B, both are major concerns for some people worrying about the weaponization of space. This I think is going to be our next race to doomsday, when it comes to controlling the high ground military minds all over the planet understand what is at risk here. I have mixed feelings, like the “end game” in backgammon sometimes moves that look pretty risky and scary are the only way to win.
3) Sometimes we see something and it just causes a little warning light to come on saying hey what’s up with that. Well this was one of those I saw it, I said that looks like an inevitable part of the future, the idea will grow and morph into who knows what…and I don’t like it!! I was reading some stuff on electric cars and ran across this article. Electric cars are silent, ergo dangerous; we need some noise so people will know they are there. Creative sounds for my car to make, sounds like ring tones to me, in the article they even reference the ability to change the sound while you drive.
4) Not sure if I remember any reference to smart dust in the past, the concept has been around since the 90’s, but now it is having a revival of sorts. The idea is millions, if not billions of very small data collectors reporting back wirelessly, their position, conditions, and whatever other data they were designed to record. That way we could monitor everything. Sounds a little grandiose, but evidently there are applications.
5) Not very geeky, but I thought something on the light side to end up the week. I have a friend who went to see the movie “Iron Man 2” in Palm Springs last week, I have not got a review on the movie yet. But in case you want to take a shot at building a suit, here is what you can expect to spend

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