Sunday, May 30, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Sometimes there are glimmers of hope arising from future generations in the news, that give me a sense that somehow we can innovate our way through the sea of uncertainty looming before us. A while back I posted about a student at a high school science fair who engineered a breakthrough process dealing with plastics decomposing, or not, in landfills. Well here is another similar story; it is about a young Canadian winning a science fair for finding a way to use old vehicle tires to power a fuel cell. Looks promising to me, short but interesting story
2) It was a year or more back I posted about a site called Galaxy Zoo. Where they were trying to enlist the computer oriented public to help scientists identify, count, and categorize galaxies in pictures from Hubble. It seems when I was not paying attention they started separate sites looking for merging galaxies, and super nova. Well they just started another trying to get people to help map the moon. Using super hi-def photos they want us to locate, and size, creators on the moon. Also locate and size boulders, and look for space junk like remains of objects we sent there. Looks like an interesting pass time if you are looking for something to replace your Mafia Wars, or Farmville habit.
3) I ran across several stories on the net about an artificial object approaching Earth from space, they were quoting the story as originating from NASA. The object is referred to as 2010 KQ. I had to investigate this a little further, it is a true story I found it at NASA. Most of the articles left out the fact that NASA thinks it is a rocket body that escaped orbit and is returning, however NASA did leave the door open saying it was ‘probably’ space junk. Might be worth keeping an eye on this one.
4) With so much negative news out there about the oil spill in the gulf, I thought it might be nice to post something of a positive nature regarding the clean up. Seems after filming Water World, Kevin Costner motivated by the Exxon Valdez spill started on a fifteen year path investing a lot of time and money into oil clean up machines, and technology. Looks like it may be paying off now, they are using his equipment in the clean up. Very interesting article I hope it can make a dent in this disastrous situation.
5) This business of gaming is becoming more and more ingrained into our society; this article is talking about its addictive nature affecting our youth, and a few adults I know for that matter. They say two hours of intense gaming has the equivalent effect of snorting a line of cocaine on the brain. I think it falls into the same category of addiction that we see here in Las Vegas with casino gambling. There are probably other similar activities that have a similar effect. I suppose it is like they say here if it is causing a loss of productivity, difficulty with relationships, or unwanted behavioral changes in one’s life you just need to learn to say no.
6) I thought due to our short staff for the show this week I might post an extra link or two. This one is about a soon to be coming phone technology. I am talking about a micro projector for your phone, want to show some one a picture on your phone? Just point it at a blank wall and click, get a two foot by three foot or larger hi-def projection. Easier to read stuff also I would think. Everything is hanging on the green laser, and it looks like they got it.
7) Okay just one more geeky advancement upcoming technology type story, coming out of Japan. It appears they have found a new metal oxide compound to make discs from, looks like a big deal and coming soon. One of these discs can store 200 times more data than a current blue-ray disc. And, it is much cheaper, uses commoner materials, and is even cheaper to manufacture on top of all that.

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