Sunday, June 13, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) With everything going south in the economy, and especially with real estate, when I saw this I just thought there must be countless places where the idea may apply. I was reading the next real estate collapse is expected to hit the commercial sector. As specialty stores begin to have trouble meeting lease payments. This may provide a way out for some, and it’s a green solution.
2) This is so zone, when I saw it I was just blown away. I am used to science fiction predicting the future by becoming science fact, but usually that is something to do with technology. Seems they have found a monolith on a moon of Mars. Right out of Space Odyssey 2010.
3) As long as we are talking space stuff this is a couple weeks old, I almost used it a couple of times, but it just kept getting shuffled down the list. I find it interesting when science finds something quite new and unique. They found a new ‘phase’ of water out in space, the ones we usually think about are ice, liquid, and vapor. Now they have a new fourth state created in star formation.
4) Not too sure what I think about this site, one could say it is a criminal training manual, I suppose it is not as bad as a bomb instruction manual. And, I have to admit I am tempted to play around with it just out of curiosity. It is MIT’s Ultimate Lock Picking Bible, and it is a free download. Billed as a complete necessity for every lock smith/crooks library.
5) This article asks the question does the internet make you smarter. Really a pretty interesting read, points out that the majority of what is printed on the internet as news is created by people not that skilled in presenting content. Then they point out that this is just the way it happens, and has been happening with all new communication forms.

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