Sunday, June 06, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) A new world distance record for an all electric car has been demonstrated, they are even asking to get into the Guinness Book of Records. Hard to believe how fast the electric car advancements are moving forward. They came in at 623 miles on a single charge, the average speed was only 25, MPH but none the less this is pretty good. I wonder what the average speed might have been for 250 miles that is about what I get for a tank of gas with my Ranger.
2) This is a topic near and dear to my heart, the end of the plastic grocery bag. Anything that aids the demise of these things I am for. There seems to be more, and more states, cities and countries pushing to get rid of these eyesores. They are taxing, and outlawing them at an increasing rate. Now California is doing it and that’s a very big one, I hope Nevada is next. When I was working as a grounds keeper on windy days there could be twenty of them in every tree top, a total pain to get to them. When we drove to Utah to visit a friend they dotted the desert as far as you could see, it seemed every bush had one or two. I say good, glad to see them go.
3) The finding life elsewhere in the solar system may have just taken a jump. They are looking at Titan a moon of Saturn, scientists are saying it looks like the may have found the signs of life. While they are referring to what sounds like microbial life, and I say I want a picture, or a stuffed critter in a museum somewhere on display. I guess we have to start someplace. Another link at NASA
4) This is one wills sent me early in the week. I liked the Back to the Future movies; well I like anything to do with time, twisting it, tweaking it, traveling in it, whatever. Anyhow, in the movie there was a hover board, like a cross between a skate board, and a flying carpet. Well it seems someone has built one, at least a demonstration prototype illustrating the technology.
5) With everything going on in the gulf the oil spill and all, everything I see in the news either depresses me, angers me, saddens me, it just makes me sick in general. I hope they put people in jail, reduce BP to a corner gas station, one without even an AM PM. Anyway, this story just pushed all of my buttons. It really illustrates how things are done in our new computerized world.

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