Sunday, June 20, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) The idea that a transition to alternate energy sources needs to be some super complex ten decade process seems to me to be missing the point somehow. I think it will be the smaller less complex devices that will lead the way. We always seem to think in terms of paving over half of the Mojave Desert installing square miles of solar and wind generators. Then rebuilding the entire grid to accommodate them. I think it will be a more basic movement, one roof top at a time. To me the simpler the process the more likely the success. Another thing that seems apparent to me is that the developing world will lead the way. They do not need to replace their infrastructure, because it has not been built yet. For them local solar, or wind makes more sense that running thousands of miles of power lines. Here is a great example of a cheap solar lighting product, I would like to get one also in case I decide to go camping again.
2) This is one of those make you think articles, it would make a great Sci-Fi story line. The trouble is that in today’s world it does not sound so far out there. If you have not heard about the Artilects I am not that surprised, it was new to me. But, I realized that somehow the idea has been lurking in the back of my mind for a while now. They are talking about the ultimate evolution of man, robot, and cyborg. Article here
3) This as an article that illustrates a concept I have held for a long time. Every time I try and grasp a new theory in physics, I have thought this is most likely the problem facing man and science. The idea that the human mind just does not have the necessary capability to comprehend the problem. Our world has gotten more and more complex, the more we learn, the more obvious it is we have not yet managed to identify the question. Personally that is the way I like it, take away the mystery and all you have is boredom.
4) This is one that Joe and I found almost at the same time, I found several interesting points in the story. The headline that got me was “How Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison Killed the Electric Car”. I first learned how far back the electric cars went watching a video clip on the Baker Car at Jay Leno’s Garage site. A lot of people just do not know the history of the electric car, odd to think we could have been there many years ago, it would have saved us a lot of trouble.
5) Now for my geek link I found this article about a concept computer Sony thinks will be in our future. It looks to me like it would be enough to make Dick Tracy roll over in his grave. It seems somehow odd to me to think it was within my lifetime the idea of a two way wrist radio was so advanced to be thought of as science fiction. But, the really strange idea is by the time they actually develop something like this, it will be obsolete.

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