Sunday, June 27, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I have been sort of quiet in regards to the oil spill in the gulf, I have been interested in the effect of our basic destruction of our planet for long time. I have been seeing some incredibly disturbing stories lately. I am worried that this is going to be much worse than what is being presented to us. There seems to be some real concerns with the dispersants I have posted one article, and one news story on Youtube.

2) I have forever been a fan of illusions they demonstrate so well that what you perceive to be truth is only a factor of your point of view. For me this holds true in everything from political views, to science, and accepted laws of physics. So when I ran across the top illusions of 2010, well let’s just say I felt it belonged here in the Gregg zone.
3) This is another of those topics that seem to keep popping up in various forms, the idea that technology is reaching some sort of crescendo regarding evolutionary advancement of our species. A blending of mans consciousness and machine, creating a sort of immortality. I find this line of contemplation utterly fascinating. We are privileged in that we live in a time of such speed of progress that the changes are evident to a degree never before observed, we are witnessing either a great beginning, or a catastrophic ending. This is an interesting article on the subject here.
4) As an example of the previous post in the medical field I found this to be interesting in that twenty years ago it would have been headline news. In today’s world with technology speeding along at such an increased rate it only rates a place buried on the back pages of the web. In biblical times this was considered a miracle today it is just accepted, with a caveat like what took so long.
5) For my geek offering I ran across this and thought it might be worthy I am not much of a gamer other than spider, minesweeper, and the like, but this sounded like it might be a very big deal for games, and other applications, regarding internet personalities like the avatar news anchor post I put up a month or two ago.

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