Sunday, July 18, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Here is my latest offering for that ‘I want one of those’ electric cars and/or motorcycle list. Not so much for the speed and power, or the whole Zen of the motorcycle thing. Just because it is so cool, it is an electric motorcycle with a lot of new innovative ideas. Some of which I think will endure in to what we see as a final product.
2) This link is the result of one of those ‘what the heck is that about’ headlines. The headline reads “A puzzling collapse of earth’s upper atmosphere” article by NASA. Well as if I did not have enough to worry about. This just added to that list of ‘signs’ rolling around in the back of my brain. It sort of fits nicely into most of the other doomsday prophecies solar flares, pole shift, global warming, 2012.
3) Leave it up to Briton, they are really taking the big brother thing to far, not only are they way over the top with the camera surveillance systems complete with facial recognition, and camera to camera video stitching software tracking your every step. Now they are adding microphones to monitor everything said, looking for tell tale changes in voice to predict potential violent behavior. Can the thought police be far behind?
4) Another of those dubious claims by science, they think they may have answered the whole chicken egg thing, you know which came first. Watch the video for an explanation that is much more complicated than necessary. My answer… you must go back far enough for the chicken and the egg to be separate from each other, either before eggs, or before chickens. Since chickens evolved from earlier birds, and earlier birds laid eggs before there were chickens, the egg must have come first.
5) Geek link of the week is a crossover link from computer internet to mobile phone via a mobile cloud. Probably not much of a deal here, but third world it ight be a very big deal. They think in India they will go from 60 thousand net users to 600 million in a very short time. The world is shrinking so fast it is insane, implosion immanent.

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