Sunday, July 11, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) With the obvious direction we need to move in concerning getting off of oil there are so many interesting articles out there it is a little overwhelming at times. This one grabbed me; imagine 1,500 miles on a single gallon of gas. That is what a team in Ottawa achieved in a contest for most miles per gallon. The catch they came in second because as they put it they had an enormous gas leak. What gives me hope with this kind of research is we will need to use gas for at best another ten years; it is encouraging to think we may get the mileage high enough to make the transition easier.

2) I rarely use links involving doomsday projections, but this one just seemed to be needed. It is a very current article talking about just how bad the gulf oil situation may turn out. I have heard and read several stories on the net speculating along these lines. But, this one just sort of put into perspective how bad it could be. I guess I will just have to hope it is not going to turn out that way, but the idea that there is a precedent for this type of event I have been hearing about is scary enough.

3) Hope I am not stealing a little thunder from our newest show segment here, heck they may have beat me to the punch already. Anyway this is an article about a phone app the people at MIT have come up with that may bring a major medical boost to third world countries. They have come up with a simple device that clips onto the screen of a cell phone to analyze the vision of a person in the field. We seem to be getting a little closer to Star Trek technology every day.

4) If you think it is just cars that are moving into greener technology pastures this might make you think a little different. A electric bicycle company has new product prototype they are in process of trying out, a hydrogen powered bicycle. Looks to be a while before they can get it into production, but nice to know it may be in our future. Maybe next a Mr. Fusion bicycle running on banana peels, and old sandwiches like in Back to the Future.

5) I think this is a first a crossover geek link and a medical link. Just thought it was interesting that a computer game could save a child’s eyesight. Although it sort of makes sense, I have a feeling this will not be the last story we see about this treatment. Kind of makes me wonder if there are not more of these simple fixes out there.

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