Sunday, August 01, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting off the week with another X-Prize, I am a big fan of the whole X-Prize concept. Sometimes people will chase a dream forever without an opportunity to show their work. The idea of creating a market for research using a contest format seems to take advantage human need for competition, and solve some technological problems along the way.
2) The whole idea of small is getting twisted these days. I am very intrigued by concepts of nano-technology, quantum physics, and all that. But, when it comes to the construction of these nano-devices I get a little curious just how they do it. If you have wondered about that also here is an article that may help, or not.
3) I ran across this article about a guy who studies the placebo effect, which when you think about it is something proven to be real and effective. But, when I read the title it caused a little stirring in my curiosity thinking about how many things normally considered on the fringe that may be in some way connected to this phenomenon is interesting to think about.
4) I am not to sure about this one, I have seen several new things come out concerning the states of water. But, this one just sounds wrong to me I mean room temperature ice? Sort of defeats the purpose, anyway it is coming to a Home Depot near you.
5) For my geek link this week I offer you some food for thought as to whether or not the computer is the means to our end. I am convinced that human evolution is linked to computer technology in ways we cannot yet conceive.

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