Sunday, August 08, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Okay here we go; I suppose it had to come to this eventually, not sure how to approach this so I am just going to blurt it out: Poo Car. Not horse poo, or cow poo, human poo. This is an interesting article about a company in England who built the pro-type; they are planning to expand into kitchen waste, and hope to eventually do whole house waste. As weird as it sounds, it actually makes sense as do a lot of the ideas I see, although most of them will not be popular until after I am gone. http://www.thesun.

2) I had some difficulty trying to decide which link to use for my green link, so I just thought I would use them all. This one caught my eye just by the title, and the source I knew I would probably post it here. “Pollution Eating Cement” I mean is that an urban dream come true or what. If it is as advertised it could make a big difference in future pollution calculations.

3) This is one Joe sent me yesterday, I know another green thing sorry, but you got to check this out. This is a first for the United States, North America for that matter. The very first public quick charge station for electric cars. I would think if one was looking for work, business, or career there may be some serious opportunity in the change-over to electric infra-structure.

4) One more? As long as I jumped into the deep end of this green link pool I may as well turn it into a mini green-marathon. Anyway, this one tops them all. Quite an interesting article putting together information coming out from the scientific world, about getting fuel for our cars from just regular air. How can you beat turning air into gasoline?

5) Well after all of that for my geek link I tried to make up for it just a little. This is an article titled “10 Ways the Next 10 Years Are Going to be Mind Blowing” let me just say I thought this was very cool you really should check it out.

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