Sunday, August 15, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) About the most important technology necessary for the transformation of our infra-structure to a future dominated by the electric car is going to be the batteries necessary to replace the gas tank. This is a decent article about solid state batteries, there seems to be an endless array of new battery concepts these days, it is going to be interesting to see who wins.
2) Sometimes things come along that just make me think how weird the future can get, when you think about the societal changes necessary to adapt to technological advancements. In some areas like genetics it looks like a very bumpy road ahead. Interesting article here dealing with large companies patenting parts of the genetic code. At this moment they control 20% of you, and me.
3) Not sure why someone would do this, actually do the drive and everything. Usually these sorts of stunts are done for a proposal or something. I just thought it was an interesting use of Google Earth linked to a G.P.S.
4) Okay what’s up with lasers these days? I remember the first ones; we just read about them in magazines, all of a sudden I am using one as a cat toy. Now there seems to be more coming soon. When I opened this page I glanced at the picture, had to look back when I read in the caption there was someone working there. That’s one big laser they got there.
5) Ran across this and thought it might save someone a buck if I passed it on. How to properly coil the power cord for your Mac power brick to avoid damaging it. Looks to me like a way to overcome a poorly designed part of the product package.

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