Sunday, August 22, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) This whole green energy thing is taking us into areas I never thought of in terms of fueling my car, week before last it was the poo car, late kudo’s to Troll on that one. This week I just ran across a new fuel prototype using urine. Coming out of Scotland they seem to be fairly sure they can pull this off. Makes one wonder about the restrooms of the future, very tempting to comment here, but I will behave myself. Anyway, article link here
2) Most of the people who know me well, know that I am interested in eating healthy. I read labels on almost everything looking for reasons not to buy something. I read a lot on the net regarding food. When I saw this article I was not surprised, but still shocked. I avoid most junk foods anyway, but to think the addictions developed from the additives would cause test animals to starve when deprived is alarming.

3) I surf a lot of technology sites on the net, because I am very interested in the concept that our technology is inter-related with evolution of humans as a species. The changes in our self-perception alone, changes due to the speed of news and communication, the staggering amount of information at our fingertips, we do not generally notice these changes we just adapt. But, the way we perceive ourselves as human beings, has been slightly altered, and we most likely will pass it on. Add to the equation the evolutionary effect of medical tech, and everything else. It is obvious we are controlling our fate, technology has some down side. Here is an article raising some important points to consider as we move on.
4) There seems to be no limit as to what new wondrous machines we can develop to move us and our necessities around the planet. When it comes to excess we seem to be very talented. So why stop at flying cars, if a car can turn into an airplane why not a super yacht. Well it is still on the drawing board, but evidently it is possible and at some level they are thinking about it.
5) I am never to sure trying to do a geek link I always worry about being way over impressed by something 5 years old or something. But, this impressed me. I know next to nothing about hard drives, I have installed a few, but for me it is just remove, and replace. I don’t know what is inside, or how it works. This is an article about the new drives coming out late this year in all kinds of devices, they say. A 64 gigabyte hard drive the size or a postage stamp, and looking at the picture about the same thickness, soldered on the mother board.

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