Sunday, August 29, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Often amazed by some of the human powered devices I run across, but this is a new one even for me. A human powered motor home. They are saying it would make a great home for the homeless. Not sure how to comment on that but, I could have seen myself playing around with something like this when I lived by the beach in Santa Barbara, oh yea, and I was in my twenties.

2) I used a link a week or two back that referenced the upper atmosphere collapsing, well I found a story explaining what happened. It appears that it was the Sun’s energy fluctuations were the culprit. It is beginning to appear there is more to the Sun and its influence on our planet than our science has uncovered to date.

3) This is a pretty interesting site if you have an interest in learning a new language. I started and gave up on Spanish several times over the years, I have accepted that I am too old and my brain is just not flexible enough. But, for you or anyone you know that might be interested, this is a free online way to learn a new language. It is evidently a different structure than usual in that it is a coop type site.

4) This is one of those medical advances that look like they might make a very big difference in the way we recover from heart problems. They may have found a way to heal a damaged heart. Hearts damaged from heart attacks evidently do not heal well, stem cells were looking very promising, but now they think they may have something easier, and maybe better.

5) Last link for the week a link to an interesting article on how the internet is changing our language. I have found myself using several of these examples myself.

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