Sunday, September 19, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Well it should not be to tough to guess my first link this week, yea the link is just to their main page, but there are lots of story links there. The other thing I did was to go to Youtube used the search term X-prize and watched them all drive around. Of the top three I could see myself in the Li-ion.

2) If you live in the big city and always wondered what the big was with watching the stars, check out the work of this photographer. She does some really nice work with night sky time lapse, sites in Spanish, but pictures are universal.

3) I saw this a couple weeks back, forgot about it until I got my Netflix disk today. When I saw this site I thought I would watch some of the old Star Trek T.V. series season one came today. This site tracks the evolution of the different warp drive effects used in the shows and movies. It was an interesting trip down memory lane.

4) Not to sure what to think of this new product coming out soon. Spray clothes in a can, it seems to me that most of the people is see, I just don’t want to see wearing this. However there are most likely a lot of uses not mentioned or thought of yet.

5) Last with a geek tinted link, listening to this show it should come as no surprise that in a survey one out of ten people say they would rather have a colonoscopy than clean up their computer. Several other interesting answers about computer habits surveyed

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