Sunday, September 26, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) First link up a TED video on sustainability and how much can be done by motivating the world’s biggest companies. The numbers are pretty alarming presented the way they are here, meaning by that by some very qualified people studying in a very in depth manner. This might just work, I was pretty impressed with the fact they are making progress on some very big problems.

2) An old story back in the news… the red rain in India is coming back around, I had totally forgot about looking for a follow up on this story. In case you missed it this was about 9-10 years ago when a red rain fell on an area of India, trying to determine why it was red they discovered it was full of some very strange cells. Some are saying it is proof of panspermia theory, that being that life is everywhere in space. The article was not as informative as I hoped but still interesting.

3) I have been using both Chrome and Firefox browsers for a while now. I prefer Firefox in general, but Chrome does a better job when watching my T.V. news shows. I have been wondering if Chrome just handles my low bandwidth situation better, anyway an interesting comparison article here

4) This business of a new physics every few months is getting interesting. We are just getting a grip on just how much we don’t know. All I can say about this article is if you can read it and understand what they are getting at you are way ahead of me. I just keep trying but I am not sure why.

5) Last up an article about how much Apple has changed in just one short decade, this is a perfect illustration of how fast technology is advancing. It really is getting a little scary in a weird way, I am sure anyone my age has noticed this anomaly totally distorting time perception.

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