Sunday, October 10, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Found an interesting site looking at the other half of the electric car problem. Charging stations; it looks like this area is heating up, this article refers to startup charging companies starting around the country, and there are embedded links included for most of the listed projects. If I was much younger looking for opportunity I might look at a business installing charging stations for apartment buildings, and condos.

2) As long as I am on the car topic, how about Google’s new auto-automobile drives itself, in traffic, using freeways. I watched some competition on auto-piolet cars a while back, but they were on a special track, not in traffic.

1) I have put up links about the crystal caves in Mexico a few times in the past, just noticed the National Geographic is going to have a special on them airing tonight. The link is just announcing the airing; I will have to wait for it to come out on the net to watch it.

4) This is a very interesting article about some upcoming meteoroid showers. Looks like next year may be the show stopper. I do not usually get to excited about them, always curious but not enough to drive away from the lights. I may make an exception next year.

5) The geek link for the week is about an entire room becoming a computer display, every table, the floor, even the people. Not quite sure where the value of all this is, but if it can be done with current technology I suppose somebody somewhere is doing it.

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