Sunday, October 17, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I kept hearing about how the stats on the Chevy Volt were tweaked. So I started looking around a bit, and found this interesting article about Motor Trends test drive they say all the chatter was much adieu about nothing. Impressive article, test, and car, if I was in the market and had the bucks, I would love to try one.

2) I ran across this article on DNA fabrication, I have always been suspect of the amount of power we put into DNA found at crime investigations. Always seemed very easy to frame somebody. Then in court the DNA evidence seems to be the end of the argument, like the article points out ity is easier to plant DNA than it is to plant finger prints. Just something to think about, next time you are writing a crime novel.

3) It looks like the Germans might be giving Google Maps some competition, they are in process of creating a 3D map of the entire Earth. It looks like we may soon need glasses for our GPS, unless they get the no glasses model out soon.

4) This just seemed to be a zone topic. I can see a few comparisons here, while the subject is about the dijnn, reading the article it was hard not to think about exorcisms. The dijnn are what some parts of the world consider the genie in the bottle. Glancing through an international newspaper site can bring up some interesting stuff, here is the link on the djinn And, as a bonus from the same source different paper here is an article about forest fires causing Yeti’s to move into new territory and starting a war with the local bears

1) Last up for the week an article about Microsoft bashing open office, the video looks like it was done by a professional political attack ad agency. Not sure where I come down on this, as I have not used open office other than my short venture into Ubuntu. The short time I used I did not have that much trouble, but my requirements for a word processor are nothing compared to most.


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