Sunday, October 31, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I occasionally like to sell a few items on eBay, and or on craigslist, I also support any and all recycling I come across. So when I saw this I just thought boy I sure hope this works. Ecosquid is a site attempting to aid the recycling of electronic equipment by offering a place to sell your old equipment, buy used equipment or locate recycling info, on a searchable site, a great idea.

2) A favorite topic has resurfaced that being time travelers, this is bouncing around the net, seems a film buff has found what may be a time traveler in some old Charlie Chaplin movie footage just out on DVD. The Youtube video link is at the bottom of the article, news story on the left. The video at the end goes over it again and again, I vote for the cell phone.

3) I have long given some credence to the eastern philosophy stating that the universe we perceive is an illusion. The old how do you know for certain that you are not a butterfly in a chrysalis dreaming that you are a human being? Well once again evidence that science and religious philosophy are blending into a new paradigm. It is going to be very interesting to follow this idea of a holographic universe, I very much like the statement at the end of the article stating that we are just beginning to understand, indicating we have a very long way to go.

4) When it comes to math and solving problems they have just discovered again that nature is just amazing. Here is an article on the mathematical prowess of the humble honey bee. It seems they do advanced math that would challenge a computer. They regularly solve the salesman problem every time they leave the hive.

5) Last up a geek thing that others may think is a cool way to go, but as usual leaves me shaking my head and asking to get off the planet. However that said I do believe that technology and human evolution are interconnected, this would be just another example of how that may be playing out.

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