Sunday, November 28, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone


1) Wow sometimes they come up with the perfect solution to a problem. I have been rather critical of gene mixing between species. It just seems such a slippery slope this just goes to show I have my price for jumping on board if this works as advertised I must admit I am for this idea. Trees that glow providing street lighting and producing oxygen while at the same time reducing co2. http://www.dailymail

2) I have to admit that if I had run across the concept of storm chasing in my youth it might have developed into a life path. This is a truly great site about storm tracking, stunning photography, combine with a great story, be sure to click on the pictures with links for the full panoramic view.

3) There is so much movement in the phone world I just thought when I saw this it needed to be here. You know me I am not a big mobile phone guy. This is not exactly mobile phone but, quite interesting how about the whole desk top just one big phone, sorry seems totally useless to me.

4) I was torn between this and the link I used as my green link so I just thought I would put it here. I was wondering about this concept for a while now, and I am glad to see someone doing something with it. The idea of just pumping heat energy out of the tail pipe always seemed like a waste to me.

5) Hoping not to steal any of Earl’s thunder, but tomorrow is cyber Monday so I could not resist this article about many deals for my geek spot

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  1. Why not make the buildings luminescent?


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