Sunday, December 05, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Okay human power is a very cool thing when trying to go green, but there is always a limit. A human powered monorail seems to me to be pushing just a little. Maybe an amusement park for exercise buffs, but I pity the guy stuck behind me poking along trying to catch my breath. Anyway it is nice to see people thinking outside of the box, never know what spinoffs may come from the effort.

2) Here is an article that sums up very well the concerns and problems I see with Google their growth patterns, and market approach has been concerning me for quite a while the commercialization the internet, I believe is aptly described as advertizing pollution of the worlds biggest library.

3) This is about an item I linked to when the event started, I am still confused and curious just what is going on with this. It you remember it was within a few days of each other they sent the X-37B up into orbit, a program that was snatched from NASA by the military causing much speculation about weaponizing space. At about the same time the sent a far reaching drone into low orbit and then tried to use it to take out a target on an island, it got lost and made the news. I still wonder if they were related, and just what it is all about anyway.

4) I thought this was just a great little article and video about just how powerful solar power can be when directed properly.

5) For my computer link of the week how about just more power and speed. Looks like Moore’s law is poised to make a rather spectacular jump. Makes one wonder if there is any limit to where we are headed.

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